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For those who want to save on transportation costs of various NON-HAZARDOUS liquids (water, wine, oil, non-hazardous chemicals, and so on) we offer an alternative type of tare – Flexitank.
Flexitank basic specification

  • Flexitank is a lightweight disposable plastic packaging, used for storage and transportation of liquid foods and chemical products, considered non-hazardous according to the IMO (International Maritime Organization) requirements of the capacity from 14,000 to 24,000 liters.
  • Sandwich Flexitank structure of for bulk liquid cargo transportation in containers consists of inner “light” layer of edible polyethylene, which serves as liquid reservoir and maintain hermiticity, and outer “solid” layer, which consists of polypropylene, providing load impact absorption that occurs during cargo transportation.
  • It is designed and suitable for transportation by road, railway and marine transport in a standard 20-feet ISO (International Standards Organization) container, which significantly reduces packaging costs (barrels, bottles) and improves performance of handling process.
  • Since it is disposable tare, it does not require the cost on its cleaning and return. Simply remove it from the container and dispose of.

Procedure of cargo transportation using Flexitanks

  • Checking the technical condition of the container (the year of manufacture, absence of cracks, deformations and so on).
  • Make sure the container is intended for transportation of non-hazardous cargo.
  • Flexitank loading into the container (attachment of the corrugated paper and chipboard to the walls of the container and installation of rolled metal at the door of the container, securing of inlet valve, alignment of Flexitank in the container, and so on).
  • Flexitank filling with liquid using a pump.
  • Closing and sealing the container.
  • Container handling.

Variety of flexitank’s sizes allows choosing the right, the best way of transportation of various cargos.