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Tank container

Tank container (or bulk tank) is often used for transportation of HAZARDOUS chemicals, more rarely – non-hazardous.
Tank container basic specification

  • The container is made of stainless steel and is resistant to acids, chemicals transported, has capacity of 12,000 – 35,000 liters, equipped with a drain valve, as well as heating system.
  • The tank container is transported in the same manner and means of transport (water, railway, road transport), as standard containers, but can carry up to 30% -50% more cargo in one container compared to transportation in barrels in standard container.
  • It excludes the loss of cargo, because the product is not subjected to trans-filling during transportation. The entire “door to door” transportation is made in the same container.
  • Products transported in the tanks containers:
    • Technological cargo (chemicals, oil products, industrial oils, oil, salt solutions, liquefied gas (LPG tank containers), paints).
    • Food (fruit juices, alcohol-based liquids, milk, food supplements, mineral water, table oils), and more.

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